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How much insulating material / insulation do I need for my camper? Online calculator with vehicle selection

Hey, if you've landed on this page, you're dealing with the question of how much insulating material, colloquially also called insulation, you need for your camper extension.

Since everyone who converts a camper themselves asks this question, we have developed the VANUE online calculator, in which you can easily select your vehicle or enter the dimensions of your camper if it is not on the list.

A notice: In order to be able to see the item "My car is not in the list", in many cases the pop-up under "Buy a set" at the bottom of the calculator must first be closed.

Instructions for the insulation material calculator for campervans

  1. Under Vehicle manufacturer, select the manufacturer of your vehicle.
  2. Select your vehicle model including the appropriate size specification eg H2L2.
  3. Now you will be shown how much insulation material and which set you need. The set size assumes that you completely insulate your camper.
  4. Click on "Buy Set" to go to the respective set.

Your camper is not in the list? No problem! Simply click on "My car is not in the list" at the bottom right. This point sometimes hides behind a popup, which you only have to click away must.

In the calculator you will now see three measurements that you have to enter in meters: cargo space length (red), cargo space width (green) and cargo space height (purple). You can enter the measurements using the plus + and the minus - or type them in directly. 

"Buy a set" takes you to the right set for your camper.

Online calculator video tutorial

Do you want to calculate that yourself? Then you will find them here Sample calculation Fiat Ducato H2L2:

areaLength WidthSurface
floor area:3 m x 2m6 m²
Cover + storage compartment:4 mx 2m8 m²
Side panel left + right:3 m x 2m6 m²
rear door2m x 2m4 m²
– window surfaces! -x m²
  3-4 boxes (3-4x 6m2)

Experience has shown that 3 boxes VANUE INSULATE 19mm sufficient for smaller campers (T5 size). Should more material be required, all products can also be purchased individually in our Shop be reordered. Suitable for gluing over the bars VANUE INSULATE 10mm or alternatively VANUE INSULATE 6mm.

 So what do I need to insulate?                                 

If you also want to insulate vibrations and thus noise, you will find ours in our shop VANUE® MUTE SOUND INSULATION PANEL 2 mm. These plates are glued in the middle of large areas and thus massively reduce the vibrations of the sheet metal. The VANUE® MUTE SOUND INSULATION PLATE is glued directly to the body panel and the actual VANUE INSULATE insulation is then glued over it. So if you want to hear as little background noise as possible while driving, you should definitely use the VANUE MUTE sound insulation mat. That's why we also have the VANUE MUTE in the larger ones VANUE SETS already considered as part of the set.