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Before you can start expanding your camper, your vehicle must first be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. We have powerful cleaners for everything that needs cleaning.

Why do I have to clean my camper?

Thorough cleaning is the first step in camper conversion and should not be neglected. The reason for this is simple: In order for you to be able to enjoy a pleasant climate in your mobile home both in summer when it is hot and in low temperatures in winter, you need cold and heat insulation. Good insulation also protects against condensation, which can lead to mold or rust. Our self-adhesive VANUE INSULATE insulating boards are ideal for this purpose.

In order for insulating materials to last in the long term, all surfaces must be freed from grease, dirt and adhesive residue before gluing. The cleaning should be done immediately before the gluing work, so that no new dirt accumulates.

Which products are suitable as RV cleaners?

In order to get the best hold, the VANUE CLEAN special cleaner is suitable for pre-cleaning surfaces to be glued.

The product is also suitable for cleaning brushes and other work materials.

If you notice rust spots when cleaning, you should treat them before you start insulating. This will help prevent the rust from spreading further and eating into the metal. Our VANUE PROTECT rust converter is ideal as an all-rounder.