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You should ensure that your materials are well protected so that you can continue to enjoy your self-built camper in the long term. In our shop you will find everything for rust protection and sealing.

How can I protect my camper?

Before you can really get started with the expansion of your camper, you should check where the vehicle has rusty spots. This is how you can extend the life of your van.

Rust forms when oxygen and water act on iron. Rust may have formed in your van, for example, because moisture got into the car. A layer of rust can permanently impair the mechanical properties such as load-bearing capacity or tensile strength of a metal. It is therefore important to remove the rust before dismantling.

To do this, you first have to thoroughly sand down rusty areas. Then you can seal the sanded areas with a rust converter. Especially if you are planning longer trips with your vehicle, the load-bearing parts must be rust-free so that your safety is guaranteed. This means that your camper should not only be protected from rust on the inside. The underbody in particular is extremely susceptible to rust and therefore deserves attention.

With our VANUE PROTECT rust converter, a resistant protective layer against rust can be created and a primer can be formed at the same time. It is the perfect all-rounder for camper conversions and can also be used to seal cut edges