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We make insulation materials that reliably accompany you while giving you maximum independence. Which are specially designed for van and camper conversions and prove their excellent properties even under extreme conditions (and, by the way, work perfectly in other DIY areas as well). Which provide a pleasant climate with tested air quality, protecting the climate for everyone. Which give you a feeling of home everywhere - and with which you can rediscover the adventure of the world every day.


No two projects are the same

We know not only how good insulation works, but also what's important for a wide variety of expansion and conversion plans. That's why we have just the right products on hand for van and camper, arbor and boat. Get in where you need us - and find out why Vanue is right for your project.

Get in where you need us - and learn why Vanue is right for your project.


Made for vans and campers

Our insulation material was specially developed for use in campers & co, but is also ideally suited for sheds, boats and construction trailers.

Easy to process

From one source - and one cast. All products interlock perfectly, making it easy even for DIY beginners.


We are Made in Germany, pack with recycled material and thus cause up to 95 % less CO² than other manufacturers.

For the best climate in the vehicle

For good air in the smallest of spaces, our insulating material is based on synthetic rubber and does not release any pollutants or unpleasant odors.

No bacteria and fungi!

Fungi and bacteria have no chance of growing on the material. This trait protects your vehicle and your health.

Certified air quality

The VANUE Insulate has been certified and awarded by independent laboratories such as eurofies.



High-quality, environmentally compatible and low in harmful substances: We have all our products regularly tested and certified.

With many years of experience in technical insulation, we designed them from the outset to complement each other perfectly, so you can work with them quickly and easily.


To ensure that you have everything you need for your planned expansion, our products are also available in practical sets.

Our products were developed for campers and vans. However, they are also suitable for use around the house, garden and boat - for example, for construction trailers, garages, gazebos or tool sheds.

With short transport routes we save time, CO2 and protect the environment with 100 % recycled packaging. The high quality of our products extends the life of your investments.

Questions about insulation

Inside the camper, Vanue Insulate panels slow the exchange of heat from the inside to the outside. High quality insulation therefore keeps the inside of the vehicle warmer longer in the cold and cooler better in the heat. It is important that the insulation does not absorb moisture. This is especially true if you want to spend the night, cook or even shower in the camper. In these cases, moisture is released into the air and condenses on uninsulated areas of your van. This circumstance can lead to rust and harmful mold growth. Vanue Insulate panels are therefore made of high-quality rubber and also have a particularly high water vapor diffusion resistance.

No matter what the application, the 19 mm thickness of Vanue Insulate insulation boards offers optimum value for money and has proven itself very well in practice. The 19 mm thickness is best suited for the interior of your camper. For the beams and pillars of your van, it is best to use a material thickness between 6 and 10 mm. However, as every camper is individual, we recommend that you check the exact conditions in your vehicle before ordering, also in a personal consultation.

You can glue our rubber panels on top of each other to get the best result for your project, if you can't find the right thickness in our range.

Unfortunately, there is no rule of thumb for solving this question. Every camper is different, depending on length, height and number of windows and doors. The best way is to measure your camper in the classic way and calculate the amount you need.

The adhesive layer in our rubber product is resistant to a temperature of up to 85 °C. This is quite sufficient for vans, as the interior temperature rises to a maximum of 70 °C even in the great heat of summer.

Questions about processing

We recommend that you have a meter stick or ruler, ceramic knife, cleaner, rubber tape or glue ready.

For ideal processing, the ambient temperature should be at least 15 °C. Temperatures below 10 °C and above 35 °C are not suitable for processing.
We do not recommend sealing spars or other cavities with PU or construction foam. Not only do you risk unsightly dents when the material expands, but you also favor moisture and thus rust in your vehicle. Welding work is also no longer possible after foaming, as the foam is highly flammable. You can insulate the spars with Vanue panels instead, but you should use them sparingly. It's best to use as little thickness as possible and try not to squeeze the material.
No problem, because our material provides you with a kind of basic structure that you can easily extend with felt or a substructure. To attach felt to our insulation material, we recommend spray adhesive, preferably Vanue Fix. In order to be able to support you and your projects in an even more targeted way, we are constantly expanding our product range. If you want to stay up to date, just follow us on Facebook and Instagram or sign up for our free newsletter.

Our insulate boards are designed for smooth, flat surfaces without rust and corrosion. There they adhere perfectly.

Before you start, you should clean all surfaces, ideally with our Vanue Special Cleaner. It is best to use a clean, lint-free cloth and gloves. Once the surfaces are clean, dry and free of grease, you can start working with the insulation mats. Please also observe the safety instructions on the cleaner.


Where can we help?


When it comes to DIY projects, even the best materials are nothing without good advice.

Discover our tips for upgrading camper & co, learn about materials and applications - or contact one of our experts right away. We are here for you.