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Properly process VANUE® MUTE sound insulation panels in the camper

First things first: A lot helps not a lot of!

We see it again and again that campervans are completely covered with soundproofing panels such as Alubutyl or our VANUE® MUTE sound insulation board to be disguised. Not only does it weigh an incredible amount, but it also does not bring any significant advantage in terms of sound insulation!

How much material do I need per area?

The rule of thumb is: It is sufficient to stick a maximum of 1/3 of the area in the middle. 

on the following two pictures given to us by ours partner Pro-Beam-Tec has made available, you can see how professionals use the VANUE Mute sound insulation panels obstruct. Half a plate was used for each of the large areas.

Preparing the sheet metal surfaces before gluing the sound insulation panels

As with the insulation, the sheet metal surfaces must be clean and free of grease. The optimum processing temperature is as in VANUE Insulates at 15-20ºC and should not fall below the temperature of 0 °C.

Cutting the panels

The panels can easily be cut to size with stronger scissors or a utility knife. A little tip: If you cut with a knife, it's easiest when the side with the yellow foil is on top.

Applying the insulation over the sound insulation panels

Before applying the insulation, the surfaces of the VANUE Mute Plates cleaned and degreased. This ensures that the insulation fits optimally to the sound insulation panels sticks. That VANUE Insulates to then just about the soundproofing panels to be glued.