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Adhesive tapes and adhesives for campers and mobile homes are robust and specially developed to meet the requirements in motor homes. In our shop you will find the best tools for gluing, holding and isolating.

What are the advantages of gluing?

Gluing is the permanent and strong connection between different materials using an adhesive. With the right products, gluing has some advantages over mechanical assembly with screws or rivets. On the one hand, an adhesive connection can act as a seal at the same time. On the other hand, the material is protected, since weakening, for example through drilling, is avoided. In addition, adhesive has a low weight and there is an even power transmission.

What can I use VANUE FIX products for?

Whether for expansion and insulation, to repair minor damage or to attach attachments - glue and adhesive tape can be used in a variety of ways in mobile homes and campers and should always be on board.

VANUE FIX products are ideal if you want to turn your car into a camper. Cold and heat insulation are among the most important steps when converting a camper van. Our adhesive products are the perfect addition to VANUE Insulate insulation panels in mobile homes and vans. Our flexible rubber adhesive tape is ideal for insulating windows and doors all the way to the edge. With the right materials, you can easily insulate a camper yourself.

Even after the expansion has been completed, work can always be due. With the right tools, you can quickly and easily repair small repairs such as cracks or a hole in the motorhome roof yourself - as well as other changes to the interior or retrofitting to the vehicle.

What should be considered when gluing?

Before gluing, it is advisable to sand down the corresponding surfaces. If you stick to the base material and not to the paint, you will get the best result.

It is particularly important that the surface is clean and free of grease. At VANUE CLEAN you will find the right cleaner for this.