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About us

We make the world your home

What we are convinced of

Discover the world or feel at home? Both, of course.

Vanue enables a new form of freedom: anywhere, without compromise and completely independent of external conditions. But with the security of being rested and even more open for the next adventure.

What we do better

Quite simply: a good climate in vans (and other small spaces) thanks to intelligent, technically sophisticated insulation. Made of materials that are as sustainable as they are durable and forward-looking.

Our technical leadership is both an incentive and an obligation for us: because we don't rest on our know-how and experience, but constantly question ourselves. Because we want to live up to our claim of having the perfect answer to the most diverse requirements and conditions. Because we want to give all those who discover the world with Vanue a new form of freedom.

What distinguishes us

Solutions that think ahead

Our goal is insulation materials and solutions that provide answers even before a question is asked or a problem arises. Because we anticipate all requirements and conditions in their development. Because we design them as a system so that they mesh perfectly and can be installed intuitively. Because we know that only smart solutions inspire in the long term.


We are convinced that a good product becomes even better with good service. That's why contact and exchange with our customers are so important to us. We are happy to share our expertise and know-how so that our materials can be used in the best possible way. We are also happy to receive feedback and experiences so that we can incorporate them into further development.

Material that does good

For us, sustainability and health are inextricably linked. That is why we not only pay attention to short distances and environmentally friendly processes during production, but also only use materials that do not absorb unpleasant odors even under extreme conditions and are therefore absolutely harmless, of course also for small passengers.

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