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Our product world was specially developed for motorhomes and has everything you need to make your dream of a self-built van come true. With our sets, expanding your camper is child's play.

Expand your camper yourself - what do you need for this?

Insulation is one of the most important steps when converting a camper van. Good insulation slows down the heat exchange between the interior and exterior of the camper. In the summer, your camper doesn't heat up as quickly and when the temperature is low, it stays warm for a longer period of time.

There is another reason why you should not do without insulation. In the camper is cooked, lived and slept. This accumulates a lot of moisture in the air. If warm, humid air hits the cold outer wall of a mobile home or camper, condensation forms. If the water cannot escape and collects behind the paneling, for example, mold and rust can form.

Rubber has proven itself as a material for camper insulation because it neither absorbs nor lets moisture through and is very flexible. We rely on a self-adhesive variant that ensures a pleasant climate even under extreme conditions.

In order to support your project to the point, we have developed various sets especially for camper conversions, which contain all the relevant products:

VANUE INSULATE Insulating panels for cold and heat insulation
VANUE MUTE soundproofing panels, which ensure a relaxed rest
VANUE CLEAN special cleaner for the pre-cleaning of surfaces to be glued
VANUE FIX tape for butt edges and connections
a ceramic knife for the right shape