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In our shop you will find effective soundproofing that ensures quiet inside your camper and at the same time more privacy, since your pitch neighbor hears less of you. 

How do sound insulation panels work?

Sound consists of mechanical vibrations propagated by moving air molecules. The greater the sound pressure generated, the louder the noise is perceived. A functioning soundproofing in the form of soundproofing panels reduces vibrations from, for example, the sheet metal of a vehicle. If soundproofing panels are correctly fitted, they prevent the sheet metal from vibrating at a frequency that the human ear can hear.

Use of soundproofing in the camper

A noise level that is too high can have a significant impact on your own well-being – which is a no-go, especially on vacation. The propagation of sound can be significantly reduced by effective sound insulation and thus serve as protection against driving noise and to insulate against noise from outside. This creates a pleasant rest and you can really enjoy the time in your camper. With our product VANUE MUTE sound insulation board 1.2 mm, unwanted resonances are effectively reduced by minimizing airborne noise and vibrations on surfaces.

There are several areas in the camper that should be insulated: floor, side walls, doors and ceiling. Since these are the largest areas in your camper, you will achieve the best insulation effect if you work with sound insulation panels over a large area.