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Camper expansion

Traveling and living in a camper: Nadja Holz dares to expand her van

Nadja Holz is working on the complete conversion of your van. With the products from VANUE, the insulation of your vehicle became child's play for the fitter.

The challenge: equip and protect the van

Nadja Holz has taken on a complex project: the complete conversion of a van including professional cold and heat insulation.

We want to be able to travel and live in our van for a long time.

Through intelligent processing of insulating material, Nadja Holz wanted to ensure that her van was well equipped and, as far as the body was concerned, was also protected against condensation.

The project presented two major challenges. On the one hand, the decision for the right insulation material. On the other hand, the right processing to achieve the best possible result.

The solution: insulation that is easy to process

Nadja Holz quickly mastered the first challenge. She became aware of VANUE through recommendations from a “Vanausbau” group on Telegram and in various forums. She listened to the advice of the other experienced fitters and decided to also rely on VANUE products. Without further ado, she picked up the necessary insulating material herself at the Aschheim site (near Munich).

Insulation material from VANUE

As far as the correct processing was concerned, she initially had great concerns that correct use and attachment was very complicated. Youtube videos should help. In addition, Nadja Holz was not in a hurry and could take her time with the insulation. But she was quickly taught otherwise anyway.

The processing is self-explanatory. Insulating is very easy due to the self-adhesive surface and no stress at all. I can now say that the processing was so easy and simple. It was a really nice job.

The result: insulating material of the best quality

The expansion of Nadja Holz' van is not yet complete. Although she is not yet able to live in her camper, she is already enjoying the high quality of VANUE products.

We can already say that it really is the best quality.

Another plus point: Nadja Holz was able to contact employees directly via social media and get help.

Therefore it is already clear:

If we were to insulate again, it would probably be with VANUE.

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