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T5 camper expansion

Pascal Volger relies on VANUE for the T5 expansion

Pascal Volger is working on expanding a VW T5. The bus is to become a home on four wheels. The dream of owning your own camper should come true with the products from VANUE.

The challenge: Insulate the vehicle floor and walls

Pascal Volger dreams of a camper he built himself. He chose a VW T5 as the base vehicle. The advantages: The T5 is manoeuvrable and narrow, but at the same time offers a lot of comfort and sufficient space and impresses with good driving characteristics.

So that Pascal Volger can sleep and live in his T5, the insulation of the vehicle floor and walls was a major concern for him. But first he had to find the right material for his camper.

The solution: insulation material from VANUE in a set

Pascal Volger came across VANUE products through a post on Instagram by ROAD & BOARD, a vanlife profile with over 30,000 followers.

The advantages of the insulation quickly convinced him:

I found it good that you definitely get the right insulation material for the camper and not, as with some dealers, pay for the "better" Armaflex and get the cheaper one.

Pascal Volger was also enthusiastic about the discount campaign at the time and the fact that the insulation material from VANUE was offered in practical sets.

He decided on the set in size S and quickly ordered it online.

The order went absolutely smoothly. Everything great!

The Set S includes the insulation boards VANUE INSULATE 19 mm, adhesive tape for abutting edges and connections, special cleaner for pre-cleaning the surfaces to be bonded and a ceramic knife.

The result: Convincing quality from VANUE

With the practical accessories, processing the insulation was child's play for Pascal Volger. He had previously informed himself on various social media platforms. In addition, he was a participant in the Busbastler Basecamp several times, where he was able to exchange ideas with other vanlife fans about life in the vehicle and the camper conversion. Nothing stood in the way of a perfect result.

Pascal Volger is also convinced of the quality of the products.

The quality is very satisfactory.

The VW T5 Camper project is not yet fully completed. Pascal Volger therefore has no further concrete plans to use VANUE products again. Nevertheless, he does not rule out further use:

You never know. The next camper will definitely come.

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