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Camper rental and expansion: Freedom-Customnice relies on VANUE products

Florian Heilmann converts customer vehicles into campers with Freedom-Customnice and offers fully equipped vans for rental. With the products from VANUE he can rely on high-quality insulation in all vehicles. 

The challenge: a lack of clarity and different opinions on the insulation material

Freedom-Customnice brings adventurers and nature lovers closer to van life. The offer: Rent a Bulli or have your own vehicle fitted by an expert.

In order for customers to be able to stay in a motorhome for several weeks without any problems, they must be able to rely on a pleasant climate in their home on four wheels. That was also a big concern for Florian at the beginning of his career. All campers should therefore be optimally insulated.

The problem with this: When choosing the insulation material, the master mechanic was in a shambles. Armaflex was constantly being talked about on the internet. But which one now? Armaflex ACE, Armaflex AF or Armaflex XG? Three different series with different features - it wasn't easy to decide.

“In addition, there were alleged fake products from neighboring countries. And everyone had a different opinion.”

Florian Heilmann, founder of Freedom Customnice

Florian Heilmann, founder of Freedom Customnice

The solution: insulating material from VANUE

Finally, Florian came across VANUE through advertising on Instagram. The products quickly convinced him.

"Before I placed my first order, I received very good advice over the phone and I was impressed by the properties of VANUE. That's why I was quickly convinced to enter into a cooperation."

Florian Heilmann, founder of Freedom Customnice

With the self-adhesive insulating boards VANUE INSULATE Florian can insulate all large areas in the basic vehicles - and it's really easy. He can cut the plates with a ceramic knife. Then a short piece of the protective film is detached from the plate and the end is fixed on the corresponding surface. The entire protective film can then be removed and the material pressed firmly.

With the self-adhesive insulation boards VANUE INSULATE, Florian can insulate all large areas in the basic vehicles

Since Florian had a lot of previous experience in processing comparable products through self-study, he already knew how to deal with VANUE. But even for beginners and newcomers, the processing is very easy.

The result: insulation of the highest quality

After Florian had expanded the first camper with the help of VANUE products, it quickly became clear that he wanted to continue building his rental fleet with VANUE.

“The quality is outstanding. There are also many VANUE accessory products such as cleaners, rust converters and cavity sealers that I have also used. It is ideal to have everything from a single source.”

Florian Heilmann, founder of Freedom Customnice

Vanue cavity sealing in van transporter camper

In addition to the high and intensively researched quality, Florian appreciates the affordable prices and the cool appearance of VANUE.

The next steps with VANUE have already been decided:

“I will also insulate my private T3 with VANUE. In addition, I will certainly integrate the products into my shop soon.”

Florian Heilmann, founder of Freedom Customnice

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