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VANUE® PROTECT rust converter 900 ml


Transforms rusty surfaces into a black protective layer based on epoxy resin

The Vanue rust converter is the ideal all-rounder for camper conversions. Our acrylic based rust converter is an effective and easy to use rust remediation system that creates a resistant protective layer while also forming a primer. The rust converter is ideal for treating vehicle bodies and can also be used to seal cut edges thanks to the primer it contains. The product can be used outdoors and indoors due to its environmental compatibility.

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Made for vans and campers

Our insulation material was specially developed for use in campers & co, but is also ideally suited for sheds, boats and construction trailers.

Easy to process

From one source - and one cast. All products interlock perfectly, making it easy even for DIY beginners.


We are Made in Germany, pack with recycled material and thus cause up to 95 % less CO² than other manufacturers.

For the best climate in the vehicle

For good air in the smallest of spaces, our insulating material is based on synthetic rubber and does not release any pollutants or unpleasant odors.

No bacteria and fungi!

Fungi and bacteria have no chance of growing on the material. This trait protects your vehicle and your health.

Certified air quality

The VANUE Insulate has been certified and awarded by independent laboratories such as Eurofins.


The VANUE rust converter is an acrylic-based rust removal system. The cream-orange liquid forms an organometallic iron complex with the layer of rust. The clear to black, very compact and resistant coating that forms provides long-term protection against corrosion and, thanks to the acrylic components, is also a resistant protective layer.

The VANUE rust converter was specially developed for the renovation of vehicle bodies and is also suitable for the renovation of machines and systems. Good effectiveness is guaranteed thanks to its high reactivity, excellent creep properties and high film-forming affinity.


  1. Remove rust from your object (rust film and rusty paint residue) with sandpaper or an angle grinder with a grinding wheel.
  2. Clean the surface and degrease with silicone remover or solvent-based cleaner (VANUE Clean).
  3. Removal of dirt residues (wire brush, brush).
  4. Apply the VANUE rust converter with a brush or roller. The rust does not have to be completely removed, because even after thorough grinding, it remains in pores.
  5. Apply at least 3 coats. The drying time between layers is between 30 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the temperature.


  • Works even without prior mechanical rust removal
  • Water-based product, non-hazardous and non-flammable
  • Free of chromium, zinc and phosphoric acid
  • Can be applied with a brush or roller (at least three coats)
  • Ideal working temperature 20 °C
  • Made in Germany
  • Resulting layer thickness: 60-120 μm dry
  • Consumption: 100 g / m2 (3-4 layers)
  • Possible dilution: 200 mL ethanol / spirit per 900 g container
  • Density: 1g/ml
  • pH: 2-3
  • Cannot be painted over